THERE NOW IS A MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION ON THE WEB SITE. GO TO THE HOME PAGE AND CLICK THE MEMBERSHIP BUTTON, THIS WILL OPEN THE APPLICATION PAGE. Print the application, trim the excess, and fill it out. You can drop the stub off at any resort on the Willow flowage or mail it to LRATVC 4891 Haven DR. Hazelhurst, Wi. 54531.

Once again we are coming up to another year for ATV and UTV riding.

The trails should open around memorial day weekend. I'll post the exact date when the county lets us know. The first club meeting will be held on April 3,2021 at the clubhouse at 4891 Haven Dr. Hazelhurst Wi. and every first Saturday of each month through October, all starting at around 11:00 am. This is just off willow Dam Rd. I will be putting a membership application on this web page in the form of a download PDF in the near future. I hope this will help the people that would like to join the club and can't find an application. Check back on this page for updates as to club activities throughout the year

If you don't know by now, there is a new law that became effective last year that states, only ATV's with factory installed rear seats will be allowed to carry a passenger, except on private land. This means that you cannot install a rear seat of any kind and have a passenger on your machine except on your property.

Also, ATVs no longer need low-pressure tires, and an ATV can not be wider than 55 inches from the outside of the rim to the outside of the rim. UTV can not be wider than 65 inches measured the same way.

The club is always looking for help on the trails and for maintaining the equipment. If you can help with this in any way please call Jim Kocher, the club president, at 715-453-8432. any help no matter how small of time you can give will help.

Just a reminder, the annual club membership is due. You can pick up a membership card at any resort in the willow area or E-Mail me at rdorm5@charter.net and I will get you one. the dues are $10.00 per year. Support the club.

Thank you,