A huge thanks to all who supported the 3 rallys this past summer and everyone who bought a membership in the club, We have money enough to cover the cost of fuel and the cost of maintaing the equipment for the next year so we can keep the trails in good shape. All money that we take in at our rallys and memberships goes into the trails, one way or another, no member gets paid for time or work done for the club ever.

The trails will remain open until the day after gun deer season, after that only the marked roads will be open to ATV&UTV travel. The trails will reopen next year just before memorial day. If anyone unloads at The Garage-Motel On HWY 8 this winter, the short trail across the HWY 8 that comes out on old HWY 8 wiil be open to ATV&UTV travel so you can get to roads that are open. That trail will not be plowed or groomed.

Have a great and safe winter and we will see at the memorial day rally.